GyroWifi -v0.1.0

Download a free LITE Home version! An Android phone gyroscope tilts will simulate keyboard buttons therefore ANY PC game becomes playable with balance board (or just with hand gestures)! Additional customizable 4 buttons are available.

RECOMMENDED AND TESTED PC GAMES (balance board/ tilt use):

Turning (handlebar steering) and cadence sensor pairing (for universal indoor cycling compatibility) are PREMIUM features of a Home version (12.90 EUR*). One time licence payment, for unlimited use (free updates available).

ANY indoor BIKE, balance board or scooter handlebar is compatible! Fun experience is guaranteed!

You will get a unique opportunity to explore ANY PC game during your CARDIO WORKOUT SESSION!

RECOMMENDED AND TESTED PC GAMES (indoor cycling/ handlebar use):

For all Unity3D developers >> please check out a Cooparation proposal.

* not for a commercial use