Cooperation II

NONON ZONE ASSET (Unity3D) + GYROWIFI app + Terraworld (optional)

We have successfully developed a cycling mod that acts as a spectator camera. Are you prepared for a simple but effective upgrade of your open world game? Your game will be instantly boosted with an extra (cycling) gameplay and as such become more interesting for a purchase by a broader audiance. What do you think? We think in fact this is a way how to promote your game. It will be listed in our portfolio of compatible games as well.

Players will get an opportunity to freely explore your game map during their REAL cardio workout … on ANY indoor cycling equipment. Fun experience is guaranteed!

How Bike> PC communication works? Players will need to attach a cheap cadence sensor on a pedal crank, install a GyroWifi app on Android phone and install a GyroWifi server app on a PC. The pedalling (and handlebar steering) will be then recognized as an universal keyboard input. To explore the game map old fashioned way – with a keyboard could be done as well.

For advanced game streaming a special spectator camera platform is included in the Asset.

Our vision is to invite game developers to install Unity3D Asset by Nonon Zone. Quite large terrains and many roads are welcomed. Implemented bike camera behave as a spectator, so riders do not interfere with the official gameplay. Cyclists are in fact invisible to the players but can observe the current gameplay!