Cooperation II


We have successfully developed a driving mod that acts as a spectator (ghost) camera (bonus feature). Are you prepared for a simple but effective upgrade of your (open world) game? Your game will be instantly boosted with an extra gameplay and as such more interested for a purchase by a broader audience. What do you think? We think in fact this is a way how to promote your game. Share your game Title and we will put it in our list of recommended and tested games.

With a GyroWifi app any PC game becomes instantly playable on any stationary bike, a balance board… or just for a handlebar steering. Fun experience is guaranteed!

Wait, there is more! Gyrowifi app supports multi phones (2 players). So keep that in mind if you are developing split screen & Co-op games.

“How universal “Bike2PC” communication works?” User have to attach a (cheap) cadence sensor on a pedal crank (smart indoor bikes, trainers and powermeters are also compatible), install a GyroWifi app on Android phone and install a GyroWiFi server app on a PC. Once a sensor is paired with a phone (via bluetooth) and a phone attached to a bike handlebar, the cycling and steering will be then recognized as an universal keyboard input (via Gyrowifi PC server app) ! Since users are just spectators (on a bike), “ghost riders” do not interfere with the actual gameplay. They are in fact invisible to the actual players but can observe their gameplay!


We suggest developing a new gameplay with fun cardio racing in mind… since the struggle how to connect a game with a balance board, an indoor bike or a scooter is finally over. We have figure it out for you! Take a chance and try it yourself. Hurry up. There is no serious competition on the market, yet.

For advanced live streaming a special spectator camera system is included in the Asset. Perfect for racing games (e-sport) !

We are inviting game developers to install a Unity3D Asset by Nonon Zone so their PC games can be enjoyed on a stationary bike, a scooter …


Large terrains and many roads are welcomed (*made by Nonon Zone with Terraworld, automatic level designer).

Every game needs a GyroWifi spectator !

Let’s discuss further about this cooperation to offer your customers a new attractive exergaming solutions.