Want to organize a Goldsprint race? Check out our SIMBIKE solution… perfect for Team building parties!

  • At the end of the bike race a Watt bonus is added to the reached distance – gained by the cadence. Fair? It’s definitely fun, because even a player with a less gained distance during a race can be announced as a winner (higher watts bonus).
  • Raw Watt racing is possible as well. Speed is gained by watts and who gets further in a limited time (countdown race) is a clear winner.
  • The track is 14km long (Windridge City). Next cyclist will ride from the last reached point of a previous player (different starting positions). The road scenery therefore changes each time. You can suggest your own world location to be included in the race track (additional cost).
  • There is a place for side road banners. Send us your graphics (1024×512 resolution) and your banners will be visible in the race track! Good for branding (and streaming) the event.
  • The simulation enables a race to be set in an interval of 30 seconds to 30 minutes. The results are written to a local file, which you can subsequently manipulate (delete, correct the results).
  • You can also run the race with one bike only (max 2 bikes).
  • Cameras in the game: first person view, 3rd person view, the last competitor only, the first competitor only (single player), free look camera.
  • After each race, the winner is announced and the total ranking (leaderboard) is displayed.

Package Contents:

2x Assioma UNO powermeter
2x Road bike on a mechanical trainer
2x Universal attachment for any footwear
1x Simbike – Goldsprint version (unlimited commercial use licence, registered to the purchased AssiomaUNO pedals)
1x Race lake (bonus track)
1x Documentation
PRICE: 2.299 EUR (contact us for the shipping costs)

To run your own virtual bicycle race, you also need a computer (PC) and a TV (or a projector). Loudspeakers are welcomed, too.

If you already own your cycling equipment (2x Assioma UNO powermeter, 2x Road bike on a mechanical trainer), you can purchase a SIMBIKE software seperately. Please contact us for a commercial use – licensed software price.