The workout of the future?

Simathlon provides a great entertainment during indoor cycling workouts. For staying active and healthy (physicaly and psychologicaly) it offers additional motivation due to the interactive visualization, group activity, fun, while giving the users an understandable analysis of the performed workout. Ease of use for all generations!
The simulator has been gaining in popularity among recreational cyclists, sports enthusiasts. It also has great potential for schools, cycling clubs, retirement communities, companies and for different cycling and sports-animation social events.
A universal solution at an affordable price!
We truly believe that gamification is the key to not only motivating existing gym members to push themselves harder, but to also motivate the 85% of the population who currently don’t attend a gym.


What is competition POPRI?
POPRI (the acronym means ‘The Company for the Future‘) is a Slovenian entrepreneurial competition for young people with bold ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. The annual competition has been taking place since 2005, providing young people with an excellent opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial mind-set, creativity, and innovation, thus allowing them to acquire new skills and experience.

The competition involves also a number of educational events that enable young people to gain knowhow and experience but also provide access to mentors. For example:

  • Entrepreneurship Experiment – extra-curricular activities or workshops for elementary school pupils
  • Start-Up Days for secondary school students and
  • Start-Up Weekends for university students, graduates, and others.