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  • Youth Sports Festival

    Youth Sports Festival

    11st FESTIVAL OF YOUTH SPORTS, June 7, 2023, Slovenska Bistrica. At the end of the approaching end of the school year and school sports competitions, the Youth Sports Festival took place again after a break of several years. In addition to the final competition in athletics for elementary schools, this day Slovenska Bistrica turned into…

  • Simathlon


    The workout of the future? Simathlon provides a great entertainment during indoor cycling workouts. For staying active and healthy (physicaly and psychologicaly) it offers additional motivation due to the interactive visualization, group activity, fun, while giving the users an understandable analysis of the performed workout. Ease of use for all generations!The simulator has been gaining…

  • Cooperation II

    Cooperation II

    NONON ZONE ASSET (Unity3D) + GYROWIFI app + TERRAWORLD (optional) We have successfully developed a driving mod that acts as a spectator (ghost) camera (bonus feature). Are you prepared for a simple but effective upgrade of your (open world) game? Your game will be instantly boosted with an extra gameplay and as such more interested…

  • Simbike Event

    Simbike Event

    >> You can now organize your own GoldSprint event, too. <<

  • LP bar

    LP bar

    There was a nice corporate TeamBuilding NewYear’s party in Ljubljana ….

  • Wedding dance

    Wedding dance

    We did it! Our first opening wedding dance was fun as it sounds… 🙂

  • Slovenia Global Game Jam

    Slovenia Global Game Jam

    JAN. 17:00 UTC+01 – 31. JAN. 17:00 UTC+01 We will be jamming! Stay tuned! More on this event: GLOBAL GAME JAM

  • BRANDED local terrain maps

    BRANDED local terrain maps

    We can now offer you a downloadable branded tracks to be used for ANY ANT+ cadence sensors, powermeters or smart trainers so people can use YOUR FREE branded map (great for brand awareness/ promotional effect).Main feature is an easy- user friendly approach. “Just pedal to start workout” concept which was primarily developed for Fitness Clubs…

  • Cooperation


    We are huge sports enthusiasts, especially for indoor cycling simulations (such as GTA V/Bike MOD). We have successfully developed our own cycling gameplay (Simathlon) and now we are looking for a collaboration! Are you prepared to share your open world maps so we could instantly adopt them to our cycling gameplay? We already sell Simathlon…

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