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  • Simathlon


    The workout of the future? Simathlon provides a great entertainment during indoor cycling workouts. For staying active and healthy (physicaly and psychologicaly) it offers additional motivation due to the interactive visualization, group activity, fun, while giving the users an understandable analysis of the performed workout. Ease of use for all generations!The simulator has been gaining […]

  • Cooperation II

    Cooperation II

    NONON ZONE ASSET (Unity3D) + GYROWIFI app + Terraworld (optional) We have successfully developed a driving mod that acts as a spectator camera. Are you prepared for a simple but effective upgrade of your open world game? Your game will be instantly boosted with an extra (driving) gameplay and as such become more interesting for […]

  • Simbike Event

    Simbike Event

  • LP bar

    LP bar

    There was a nice corporate TeamBuilding NewYear’s party in Ljubljana ….