We are huge sports enthusiasts, especially for indoor cycling simulations (such as GTA V/Bike MOD). We have successfully developed our own cycling gameplay (Simathlon) and now we are looking for a collaboration! Are you prepared to share your open world maps so we could instantly adopt them to our cycling gameplay? We already sell Simathlon terrains and are looking forward to your maps. Of course we will share the profit of your maps once being purchased (DLC copy). What do you think? We think in fact this is a way how to promote your game (if you have developed any). Players will get an opportunity to explore your game map .. during their fun cardio workout .. by indoor bike. We already have a web store, so everyone could buy your map as we instantly convert it into a finished standalone game. If you already have your own web store, you can start selling your standalone Simathlon maps through your channel, as well. We will provide you unlock codes to be purchased by your customers.

Our vision is to invite game level design developers to share their work and we will take care for the rest (sell/share profit). Terrains should be quite large (min 8km x 8km), but no need to be larger than 16km x 16km. We are looking for a terrains with many roads in it … but we can add them later on, as well (if agreed by contributor).