BRANDED indoor cycling

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We can now offer you a downloadable branded tracks to be used for ANY (ANT+) cadence sensors, powermeter or smart trainer so people can use your FREE branded map (great for brand awareness/ promotional effect).
Main feature is an easy, user friendly approach. “Just pedal to start workout” concept which was primarily developed for Fitness Clubs market, but now we have prepared it for a home use market as well. Targeted for elderly, kids and regular recreatives.

ANY stationary bike can be used and therefore there is a huge marketplace (not just for road bikes/ trainers).
We are not focused for professional use, as there is Zwift app more or less conquered the market. But Zwift doesn’t even offer cadence only cycling virtual experience so it’s not direct competitor (With such innovative approach we don’t even have any competitor, yet)!

Branded downloadable FREE maps can be accessed by your customers from your web page (if agreed by you).
It is for unlimited use (no trial/ no membership).
It can be even branded with your local regional distributors to help them risen the sale and easily make promotional activities on various local live events (as we are already doing for webstore

We would just like Simathlon to be freely shared among your customers and dealers and to be noted in your promotional material notification that your equipment is compatible with Simathlon cycling simulation. Inside app there is an unlock button so customers could potentially purchase some longer tracks (from our webstore). We will take care for all aftersale support.
If you have some own ideas, we are open to develop your completely customized standalone cycling sim app, as well.

Simathlon doesn’t need internet connection (Zwift works ONLY if online connection is detected).
Simathlon currently has no online multiplayer mode as it is focused purely on individual enjoyment experience during workout and it does not provide “online racing fury” which eventually evolve to a stressful (overtrained) workout (not our goal).

Goldsprint Games have already developed interactive video playback software as well. It’s called “Jrobic” after Slovene ultracyclist Jure Robic who won the toughest bicycle race (RAAM) 5 times. (Wikipedia)
There are exclusive videos added from his race (2008), people can now experience on any stationary bike (with ANT+ cadence sensor attached on pedal crank).

There is a new map Mt.Triglav Slovenia/ Roglic&Pogacar HomeLand /best two racers from Tour de France 2020. Mount Triglav means “Threehead” mountain and is a Slovene national symbol. Map is hugely larger than previous WindridgeCity one. It covers real terrain data of 100 sq km.

In fact we have a knowledge to add virtual terrain of any cycling attractive location on Earth. You can suggest your ideas of such terrains that suits you more.

We would be more than happy to discuss further about this cooperation if you have a need to offer your customers a new attractive software workout solution.

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